The following confidentiality terms and conditions apply to the Oweld group website (the “Site”) developed by Oweld. These terms and conditions do not necessarily apply to other websites developed by Oweld group panies.

You are now reviewing the terms and conditions applicable to this Site. By accessing the Site and using its services, you agree to the confidentiality terms and conditions described herein.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use the functionalities of this site.

For the purpose of these confidentiality terms and conditions, “Oweld” shall refer to Oweld, S.A. and/or all of its contractors and subcontractors involved in the past, present, or future development of the Site.
Data collected at the Site

Automatically collected non-personal data
Oweld is mitted to maintaining the confidentiality of its Site visitors’ identities. Oweld may, however, provide certain third person with global statistical data concerning the Site’s visitors, including but not limited to visitor profiles and site usage. Oweld will not release any information allowing personal identification of individual visitors.

Collection of personal data
Oweld may ask you to provide personal data such as your name, email address, telephone number, or other information. This information may be optional or required. It will be used to answer your questions or requests and to operate our visitor interface systems. We cannot process the form you submit if any of the required fields are blank. In that event, none of the data provided on the form will be retained.

Why are we collecting personal data?
We collect data for the following reasons:
– to answer your requests or to provide you with Oweld group news or Site information by mail, email, or telephone; and
– to allow you to access the Site’s interactive functionalities.

Who has access to your personal data?
Oweld may need to contact you when you request a publication or a service or when you submit data to the Site if additional information is needed to process your request.

Oweld will not municate your personal information to any third party without your authorization, except when required by law or as necessary to process your request and/or operate visitor interface systems.

You hereby agree that Oweld has the right to municate any and all data provided by you, including personal data, to its affiliates and its suppliers, contractors, and their affiliates, for the purpose of processing said data. In this event, any change, correction, or deletion made to any personal data will also be municated to said suppliers, contractors, or affiliates.

How long will personal data be kept on file?
Personal data and data relating to Site visits by a specific visitor will be kept on file only as long as necessary to process the request(s) submitted by such visitor. In any event, no data shall be retained beyond five years.

Site security
Oweld will endeavor to protect your personal information, minimize the risk of tampering, prevent unauthorized access, and prevent improper use. Please note, however, that Oweld cannot guarantee the absolute safety of the munication and data management systems used in the collection, storage, or processing of personal data, such as the internet, telephone lines or other systems. By providing personal information, you assume the risk of accidental release of such data, including but not limited to sabotage and piracy.
Data processing and individual liberties

At your request or on its own initiative, Oweld may supplement, modify or delete any inplete, incorrect or obsolete personal data used in Site operations.

As required under the “Informatique et Libertés” law (French data processing and individual liberties law) dated January 6, 1978, the CNIL (a Data processing and individual liberties mission) has been duly informed of the creation of Oweld group’s Site. Under said law, you are allowed to access, correct or delete any of your personal data.

Any Member of the Oweld web site dialogue section is entitled to request at any time to the service in charge of access rights the deletion of his or her contributions. For technical reasons, cybernauts must submit any deletion request no more than one (1) month after the message was first posted on Oweld website.

Visitors identification

In addition to the personal data you provide, the Site may use technology to collect technical data such as your IP address, your puter’s operating system, your browser, your data transfer technology, etc.

Oweld may transfer “cookies” to your puter that contain certain information. While stored in your puter, a cookie will not identify you in person. However, a cookie will collect data regarding your Site visits, such as the pages you browsed and how you browsed. We will be able to access this data if and when you visit our Site again.

Oweld will use the information collected by cookies to improve the Site.

You may block cookies or monitor their operations by adjusting your internet browser as follows:

– If your browser is Internet Explorer 3 or 4 (Microsoft): click on “View”, then “Options”, then “Advanced”. A warnings selection is available including “Issue warning before accepting cookies” (fourth possible choice). On Explorer 4 only, the fifth warning reads: “block all cookies”.

– If your internet browser is Navigator Gold 3 (Netscape): Click on “Options”, then “Network preferences”, then “Protocols”. The first warning available for selection reads “Issue warning before accepting cookies”. If you select this option, you will be informed when a cookie is sent to your puter and you will be able to reject it.