Italian oxy-hydrogen gas generators manufacturer OXYWELD, with the brand OWELD, will exhibit its eco-friendly oxy-hydrogen gas generators for brazing at Chillventa show, the world’s leading exhibition for refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

The company, thanks to its experience and global capillarity, supports the majority of producers in the HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) and heat-pump sectors.

These already consolidated technologies turn distilled water into oxy-hydrogen gas and replace the conventional oxy-fuel cylinders (i.e. the most common oxy-acetylene, oxy-propane and so on). The system is chosen for superior quality of the connections and eco-friendly impact on the environment, increasing the prestige of the end user.


Chillventa in Nürnberg is one of the most important events for everyone in the refrigeration, AC & ventilation and heat pump technology industry around the world.




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