Electric Motors

Quality and safety. Efficiency and innovation. 

The customers of the electric motors industry expect not only high quality and performance, but also intelligent solutions to reduce cost, increase production efficiency and being able to adapt to global market conditions.

OXYWELD is a world leading manufacturer of gas generators in rotative equipment industry. The technology is suitable from small up to big motors and the characteristics of the flame allow many benefits. With an OWELD flame you can:

  • quickly remove every insulation from wires, cables, flat wires with no need of mechanical systems;
  • braze connections up to 2.500 mm2 so quickly that the insulation doesn’t burn;
  • commutators soldering;
  • squirrel cages brazing;
  • remove bearings, rings and pulleys;
  • clean stator, rotor slots perfectly and in a short time;
  • protect winders from potentiall hazandous coming from conventional gas cylinders.

Flexible technology, easy to install in any winding area. Indicated for electric motor producers and repairs.


The right equipment for electric motor workshops. 

Whether you are an electric motor producer or repair, the long relationship and experience that Oxyweld has in rotative equipment industry, allows to provide you the right system and consultation to get the best quality in brazing.


For additional information on Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generators, please contact us.