Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Quality and duration.

OXYWELD has a long and deep experience in HVACR industry. To be competitive in this field, every company has every day more to increase his standard of quality and services. OXYWELD is a perfect partner because the gas generators bring the following advantages:

  • approximately two times faster system if compared with acetylene gas;
  • less oxidation inside the brazed pipes;
  • leakages reduction (average 70%);
  • lower overheating;
  • brazing can also be done by non-skilled welders.

Ideal for:

  • commercial refrigerator assembly lines;
  • domestic refrigerator assembly lines;
  • freezer productions;
  • deep freezer productions;
  • medical refrigerators;
  • marine refrigerators;
  • heat exchanger manufacturers;
  • heat pump producers;
  • chiller manufacturers;
  • compressor production assembly lines;
  • A/C units;
  • HVACR components;
  • chiller modules;
  • condensers, evaporators;
  • ice makers;
  • ice cream machines;
  • products for the transport refrigeration industry (buses, trucks, trailers, rail cars, and others).


Covid 19: Oxyweld supplier of brazing technologies for the production of freezers.