Covid-19: Oweld supports the manufacturers of freezers in brazing activity

Founded in 1981, Oxyweld provides a complete range of eco-friendly oxyhydrogen gas generators for brazing enabling producers to improve their brazing process in terms of quality of the joints and safety for operators. Oxyweld is official supplier of many multinationals in the HVACR industry.

In this particular period of the year, the company works close to the manufacturers of freezers to help them in providing high quality units for the storage of Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccines require unbroken and accurate refrigeration systems to remain efficacy and safe and the real challenge is to ensure reliability in the long term. Therefore the pipe brazing activity during the freezer manufacturing process becomes strategic to avoid leakages with the time.

Assurance of quality is an essential need along the entire cold chain. Oweld eco-friendly brazing technologies guarantee superior quality in the pipe connections of the circuit, with lower margin of leakages.