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Gas generator model 2500EP

Max kW: 2,5
Gas Production l/h: 500
Efficiency Max Gas CFM: 17
Distilled Water Cons. l/h: 0,25
Distilled Water Cons. cu in/hr: 17
Flame Temperature Celsius: 3650
Weight (Kg): 110
Weight (Lbs): 240
Maximum Nozzle Diameter (mm): 1,5
Co2 emission: zero

Gas generator model 4600EP 3F

Max kW: 4,5
Gas Production l/h: 1200
Efficiency Max Gas CFM: 42
Distilled Water Cons. l/h: 0,55
Distilled Water Cons. cu in/hr: 33
Flame Temperature Celsius: 3650
Weight (Kg): 155
Weight (Lbs): 340
Maximum Nozzle Diameter (mm): 2
Co2 emission: zero

Gas generator model 10000HD

Max kW: 10
Gas Production l/h: 2400
Efficiency Max Gas CFM: 85
Distilled Water Cons. l/h: 1
Distilled Water Cons. cu in/hr: 60
Flame Temperature Celsius: 3650
Weight (Kg): 285
Weight (Lbs): 600
Maximum Nozzle Diameter (mm): 2,4
Co2 emission: zero

Gas generator model 20000HD

Max kW: 19
Gas Production l/h: 5000
Efficiency Max Gas CFM: 170
Distilled Water Cons. l/h: 2
Distilled Water Cons. cu in/hr: 120
Flame Temperature Celsius: 3650
Weight (Kg): 630
Weight (Lbs): 1388
Maximum Nozzle Diameter (mm): 2,8
Co2 emission: zero

Gas generator model 30000HD

Max kW: 30
Gas Production l/h: 7500
Efficiency Max Gas CFM: 260
 Distilled Water Cons. cu Lt/hr: 3
Distilled Water Cons. cu in/hr: 180
Flame Temperature C°: 3650
Weight (Kg): 750
Weight (Lbs): 1650
Maximum Nozzle Diameter (mm): 3,2
Co2 emission: zero


Since 1981 we are fully committed to realising a great advantage, the quality of our item.
We have activated rigorous product testing, careful process controls and constant monitoring of every phase of our work.
Each phase of the production, from manufacturing to assembly is closely monitored. The entire production is exclusively carried out in our facilities, to enable the internal controls to reliably check on the whole process.
OXYWELD offers a complete range of water gas generators, all manufactured in Italy, with highest standards and with a well established reputation for durability and reliability.


OXYWELD continues research and development of new products, developed in our own R&D facilities to ensure OXYWELD utilizes the very latest solutions and technology in brazing machines.
Oxyweld relies on a vast range of products and accessories which are compliant with European Standards to provide total protection. Every gas generators is CE marked as well.