2021 – Oxyweld celebrates 40th anniversary

Since 1981, Oxyweld with the brand Oweld, has been manufacturing a spectrum of high quality oxyhydrogen gas generators for brazing across an array of industries.

By combining passion and innovation the company has become an important international player. Fourty years ago, Enrico Andreetta, founder of Oxyweld, set the goal of producing fire from water. The company, started in a small garage in the town of Conegliano, north-east of Italy, nowadays supports thousands companies, from small to large, in more than 75 countries.

After introducing these equipments for brass brazing in chandelier industry, other applications have been approached like electric motor, transformer, HVACR and many others. These years have been full of interesting challenges and outstanding achievements, obtained step by step, with big efforts. This grow and success would never have been possible without the dedication of its collaborators and customers.

To commemorate Oxyweld’s 40th anniversary, the company developed a special anniversary logo that will be used throughout the year.

We are acutely aware that the achievement of a 40th anniversary is a reflection of the hard work and loyalty of our collaborators and customers around the world,” said Diego Andreetta, Oxyweld Sales Director. “The dedication of the Oweld team has facilitated our growth in these four decades and positioned us as leader in ecologic brazing technologies. We approach this anniversary with gratitude for all who have helped in achieving this important milestone.


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Sacile, 01-01-2021

40th logo
Oweld flag

Oxyweld headquarters, Italy