EPR (Electronic pressure regulator)

Electronic pressure regulator
Dimensions: 30x12x30 cm
Variable Pressure range: 0-0,7 bar
Power Consumption: 20 VA 230V 50Hz
 Lenght of power cable: 3 mt
Weight: 10 kg




What is EPR?
EPR is an electronic device useful to connect two or more torches to a single Oweld gas generator.

When it is used?
It is used in case of multi-torches connected to a single Oweld gas generator.

Where it is installed?

EPR is installed between an Oweld gas generator and torch.
The order of positioning is:
1.    Torch
2.    FA – electronic flashback arrestor
3.    FP – start-up unit/economizer
4.    EPR – electronic pressure regulator
5.    Oweld gas generator