FP (Start up unit/economizer)

Start up unit/economizer
Dimensions: 22X18X50 cm
Variable Pressure range: 0-0,7 bar
Power Consumption: 20 VA 230V 50Hz
Lenght of power cable: 3 mt
Weight: 6 kg




What FP is?
Start up is an electronic lighter and economizer. When repeatedly start and stop brazing the device allows you to restart easily and effectively without the timely process of readjusting valves.

When it is used?
It is particularly useful in mass productions, in applications where frequent switching on or off of the torch are required. Can provide many benefits like more gas savings, reduce the risk of backfires and keep tidier the working place.

Where it is installed?
FP is installed between an Oweld gas generator and torch.
The order of positioning is:
1.    Torch
2.    FA – electronic flashback arrestor
3.    FP – start-up unit/economizer
4.    EPR – electronic pressure regulator
5.    Oweld gas generator