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450 FCT ALLOY (LEGA 450 FCT )   OWELD 450 FCT brazing alloy flux cored, specific for aluminium-aluminium, aluminium-copper, aluminium-brass and aluminium-steel. Flux residues are neutral and non-corrosive. Main applications: refrigeration, air conditioning (HVACR), electric motor and transformer. Good flow and fluidity characteristics that make it particularly appreciated by users.


Oweld for transformer industry

DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER | POWER TRANSFORMER  BRAZING AND CTC CLEANING IN ONE SETUP   Oweld gas generators convert distilled water into oxyhydrogen gas. The gas generated replaces the conventional gas cylinders (i.e. the most commons oxy-acetylene and oxy-LPG). With the Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generator model 20000HD and 30000HD, Oxyweld offers a technology that is designed specifically…